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Destination Page
Destination Page
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On this page, we'll describe our experiences at one destination. Then we'll create additional pages like this one for each of our other destinations (changing the title of each page to something more specific, of course).


we started...

we are composed of 5 person team saya noh(dami) champ.macky,jeff,pau,and garce.we started by mitting sa ortigas ng 7 am and deretcho nakami papuntang tanay.and from tanay your going to ride another jeep na papunta naman ng malaya and deretcho nah yun sa drop off bababa k nalang sa minisipyo ng malaya : ).and then you only have to register your name/s sa munisipyo.and yun start to walk nah...and this is a pic. just a preview of wat to come sa mountain

treck up

Here we might include a description or map of where we stayed.

What We Did

we started climbing ng mag 12 pm and the treck is just fine but beware po s mag damo especialy sa mga talahib kc matataas cla sobra so d k talaga makakauwi ng walang gasgas sa katawan he he he he ehe the way nag punta kami dun ng sep 24 2005.nag stop over kami sa gitna nu bundok kc malakas ung ulam meron dung kubo.dun nlang kami kumain at nag patila ng ulan kaya kami natagalan.the climb should be 3 to 4 hours lang dapat pero natagal talaga kami dahil sa ulan he he he he.


What We Ate

Here we'll describe the delicious meals we had. Did we try something new? Was there something on the menu we wouldn't have eaten on a dare?